About Us

Leaf Petroleum (Pty) Ltd is a start-up company by three African people with over 46 years combined experience in the petroleum industry in Southern Africa. With their vast experience and network in the Southern African region in the Oil Industry, they have embarked on a quest to establish a Supply Company to serve the needs of Clients in the Southern African Region, always doing so in an ethical and principled way.

The Major Oil Companies and other role player in the African fuel market are all foreign companies who over years have exploited the African market for their own benefit.

For this reason Leaf Petroleum (Pty) Ltd based itself in Botswana where geographically it touches four other Southern Africa countries. It makes access into these countries more convenient.

Leaf Petroleum (Pty) Ltd is in the process of incorporating a sister company by the same name in South Africa and will be based in Cape Town.

It is the company vision to strategically partner with Southern Africa Governments and other key stake-holders to supply petroleum products to the local markets at the best possible prices, and with the most optimal Logistics.

Leaf Petroleum (Pty) Ltd also invests in infrastructure and will assist Governments to upgrade, manage and or construct new infrastructure and the development of alternative supply routes.

petroleum5- Leaf Petroleum - An African Fuel Supply Company for Africa

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